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1. Bath and exfoliate your skin before showering. This is the easiest way to get rid of dead skin cells and it will make your tan last even longer.

2. Our creams are so moisturizing that many people find that they don’t even need to apply any cream after the sunscreen. But if you feel your skin is still dry, remember to moisturize the skin so your tan lasts longer. Try our Carrot Sun Coconut, Watermelon or Cocoa / Butter which is our most moisturizing sunscreen.

3. Always remember to sunbathe with care.

We recommend that you choose Carrot Sun Carrot, which is our best seller. It gives you the darkest tan and makes your skin glow!

Best of all, this cream will also help you stay on color longer than usual.

Yes, you can use our cream for both face and body.

No, these creams have a natural type of bronzer called Henna. You risk no stripes or stains – On the contrary, Henna improves your sunbathing and makes your color last longer

No, you need to go out in the sun or in the solarium before activating the Carrot Sun and provide the desired color-accelerating effect.

However, our products are packed with good vitamins, antioxidants and Omega-3 that help to make the skin healthier – the cream can therefore be used advantageously even if today’s program is not sunbathing.

We have tested and tested all variants and we are fully satisfied with the results!

Each Carrot Sun product has its own characteristics, so we suggest that you choose the one that best suits your needs and skin.

Carrot Sun Carrot – Gives you a deep and dark color. The cream is suitable for normal skin types.

Carrot Sun Coconut – Perfect for making a base tan and is good for sensitive and dry skin.

Carrot Sun Papaya – Suitable for those who have difficulty getting color. It has regenerative properties which are good for delicate skin.

Carrot Sun Cocoa – Provides a fantastic golden tan and is especially suitable for those who have dry skin.

Carrot Sun Gold – Is good for developing a base tan. This Carrot Sun also has anti-aging properties and is suitable for normal skin types.

Carrot Sun Tropical Fruit – Gives a beautiful golden color and is suitable for normal skin types.

Carrot Sun Watermelon – Gives you a beautiful golden color and is especially suitable for dry / oil / acne-like skin types.

You can always go in and read about the details of each Carrot Sun on our site. If you still can’t decide (we know it’s hard!), Then we recommend that you go for which scent you prefer.

The Carrot Sun varieties that contain Henna are: Carrot, Papaya, Tropical Fruits and Watermelon (Henna makes you both improve and speed up your tan as well as it lasts longer)

In fact, there is not the big difference between the cream and the oil. It’s just the consistency.

So it’s up to you whether you like to lubricate yourself with cream or use a spray.

Henna only works to improve your color when exposed to sun or solarium.

Henna adds the extra golden color to your tan and extends the life of your great color.

hen you stop tanning, you will clearly notice that the color lasts longer than it usually does.

Yes there is.

1. All creams contain L-tyrosine, which is a substance that stimulates the skin to produce more
melanin while staying in the sun or solarium. It is the most important active ingredient that makes
you tan faster.

2. Carrot Sun Carrot – both the cream and the oil – contains carrot oil, which is a naturally active
color accelerator. It stimulates your skin to tan better and faster in the sun or in the solarium.

If you have very light skin, we recommend that you go to the solarium to build a base, about 2 weeks before you leave for your vacation. Otherwise you can apply Carrot Sun over a SPF factor (normal sunscreen) and still achieve a nice tan!

Yes, it does. For more information and helpful tips check out this blog.

Do you have any questions?

You are always welcome to contact us if you have any questions – We are always ready to help you!

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